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Every year, the Chaine des Rotisseurs embarks on a search for the best Young Chef in the world. That exciting process begins right here at the local level. 


The Twisted Frenchman

Choose between 2 fabulous evenings at this innovative establishment. 

RSVP for Sunday, February 25th  OR Monday, February 26th

Chaine des Rotisseurs Pittsburgh Bailliage

The Chaine des Rotisseurs is the oldest food and wine society in the world, founded in 1248AD.  We strive to bring extraordinary culinary experiences to our enthusiastic members.

Jeune Commis Competition

We have a multitude of events through out the year. Everything from Black Tie evenings, culinary classes, L'Ordre Mondial Beverage Tastings, Culinary Competitions and Casual events highlighting food and wines. 

Our events during the course of a year, range from Black Tie Galas, to our Picnic, to a day at one of our many Pittsburgh Culinary Schools. 

So...what's coming up?