Welcome to The Pittsburgh Bailliage




The Chaine des Rotisseurs is the oldest food and wine society in the world, founded in 1248 AD.  We strive to bring extraordinary culinary experiences to our enthusiastic members. The Pittsburgh Bailliage was founded in 1960, making it one of the first in the United States. We're proudly celebrating our 58th year!

Good foods, good wines, great camaraderie

Every Chaine des Rotisseurs Pittsburgh Bailliage event is designed to be an extraordinary experience.


Each event, whether Black Tie or Casual is designed by our host venues with special attention to details. The host Chef creates and executes the evening to showcase their unique skills.

The Jeune Commis (Young Chef) competition is held locally in the fall of each year. The winner of that competition goes on to compete in the Midwest Regional Competition the following spring. The American Academy of Culinary Arts is the home of our Chaine Kitchen. 

Many of our members have a special interest in wine as collectors, producers, and those learning more about wine and other crafted beverages. The Société Mondiale du Vin (Mondiale), was created to foster those members. Only members of the Chaine des Rotisseurs in good standing may be a member of Mondiale

Culinary classes and a "cooking day" round out our yearly schedule of exciting events. Regular culinary classes allow our members in Pittsburgh to hone their culinary skills from some of the best instructors in our area. 


Professional Members

Our professional members make it all happen. Their talent and skills create memorable experiences that will never be duplicated. For a list of our professional members, please click the links below. 


Professional Members 

Our professional members are at the core of everything we do. Their skill and artistry is clearly evident. We ask them to create marvelous unique experiences from Black Tie Galas to casual picnic afternoons. Please click HERE to view our professional members. We ask you to patronize their establishments as much as possible. They're the reason that we are able to do what we do. 

Jeune Commis Competitions

The professional members give of their time, energy, and funds to judge, coach and/or train our Jeune Commis (Young Chef) Competitors. We have 3 "beta" test competitions to help us find talented culinarians for our local competition each Fall. That winner goes on to compete in the regional competition. Should they win there, they will go on to the National competition representing the Midwest Region. 

Competitors and Coaches

Our competitors are required to be under 27 years of age and be sponsored by a National Chaine des Rotisseur professional in good standing. The hours of preparation and training that go into this effort is remarkable. The competitors form lifelong bonds with their coaches as well as other competitors. See PAST COMPETITIONS.